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Current Hope Centers: 

Katisaa Hope Center

The Hope Center of Katisaa sits on a small 5-acre plot on the outskirts of the town of Machakos, Kenya. Currently, the only buildings present on-site include a small kitchen and a three-room preschool with approximately 30 students. One small room is used for administrative purposes and one of the classrooms is currently being used for church services for church of approximately 20 people.

A breakfast porridge as well as lunch, consisting of rice, corn, and beans are provided daily for all children.

Plans are being made to build a small chapel on the grounds as well as a medical clinic. The land will also be used for farming crops necessary to help feed the children and provide support for the school.

Osegal Hope Center

Launched in 2003, the Hope Center of Osegal boasts a chapel building, as well as two school buildings educating 300 children, teacher’s quarters, pastor’s house, a kitchen, and a well that is used by both the school and the local community.

Pastor Kennedy currently oversees a church of about 50 people and runs morning Children’s Bible Club before school on weekdays.

Lunch, consisting of rice, corn, and beans are provided at lunch daily for all children and porridge is provided for the younger children at breakfast.

Il-Kerin Church and Medical Clinic

This small chapel was built in 2014 very near another Hope Center that was started by Marilyn Newman. The Hope Center School of Il-Kerin was turned over to the local community as self-sufficient. Seeing the need for more churches in the area, Marilyn Newman helped Pastor Samuel Karema construct this building and provided a much-needed motorbike for him to minister to people throughout this extremely rural area.

Pastor Karema currently oversees this church of about 35 adults. 70 children from the local area attend services on the weekend, with 50 of them coming for Children’s Bible Club on Saturdays.

As there are other schools in the vicinity the greatest need here is for a small medical clinic which could lead to a fully functioning hospital in the upcoming years.

Plans are in the works for this first medical clinic in this area to be built.  Lord willing, construction of this facility will be complete by the end of 2021.

Cheppema Hope Center

Originally constructed in 2003, the school buildings and a medical clinic are currently not in use. In a conversation with local community members, they have identified their greatest need to be a hospital on this site. Pregnant women are currently traveling 27 kilometers (16.5 miles) down some pretty rough roads just to give birth.

There is plenty of land available here to repurpose buildings for the medical clinic/hospital and still provide some farmland to help support this ministry.

A church building was constructed and the pastor was serving here until about one year ago. The church continues to meet but the building is mostly used for Children’s Bible Clubs on Saturdays.

A small orphanage of 17 children is next door, run by the local bishop of the African Inland Church. Helping Kenya Kids is currently providing a lunch consisting of rice, corn, and beans daily for these children.

Kibera Bible Club

Pastor Maluzi currently oversees the Children’s Bible Club that happens weekly in the heart of the largest slum in East Africa. Currently renting facilities from the local YMCA, children enjoy fun games, singing, Bible stories and memorization, and a lunch consisting of rice, corn, and beans provided on the day of Bible Club.

This is also a great training ground for some of the young adults who are interested in a life of ministry. Approximately 300 children attend weekly.

With proper funding, we can expand this program to include helping widows and single mothers within this slum to learn tailoring, basket making, and baking skills.

Hope Centers success stories: 

Below are Hope Centers that we are in the process of giving governance to the local community because they have grown and are ready to lead!  We are excited to see how these communities grow in the future with great ministries partners.

Oloototo Hope Center

The first Hope Center, Oloototo Hope Center, started in 1984 includes a chapel, a health clinic, and dormitories for students on its astounding 120 acres. The K-8 school currently educates 1,200 students, has housing for teachers, the pastor, and health clinic nurse, and is complete with its own water system, including both a well and a water filtration system.


The school at Oloototo Hope Center is currently ranked 15th in the district of over 130 schools.  They have one of the highest percentages of students who pass their 8th-grade exams which allows them to go on to high school.


As with every Hope Center, the chapel is the backbone of this center and community.  Here students attend Bible classes throughout the week and the younger children enjoy Bible Club on the weekends. The pastor at Oloototo Church is home-grown.  Having studied at the school here, he went on to secondary school, followed by Bible school, and then returned to pastor this thriving church.


Oloototo Hope Center has been implementing programs to make it a community sustained Hope Center.  In 2020 Special Ministries and Helping Kenya Kids officially turned this Hope Center over to the community for its continued running.

Ololii Hope Center

 In 2010, Mama Newman learned that children were walking a considerable distance from the Ololii community to attend the primary school at the Olooltoto Hope Center.  It was then that Special Ministries prayerfully decided to help Ololii obtain a school of their own. 

The need for this school became clearly apparent when they learned that one of the teachers was attacked by an elephant while on the road to school. The Ololii Hope Center was started so that school children would not be endangered by elephants that regularly chased them on the path between these two communities.
A school building for K-8 education was built, along with several restrooms, teachers' housing, a cookhouse, and three water storage tanks. With 250 students at the Ololii Hope Center, the community has grasped the opportunity to sustain this ministry on their own.  In 2020, Special Ministries and Helping Kenya Kids officially turned this Hope Center over to the community of Ololii to operate.

Bar-Karumba Hope Center 


Located on a hilltop overlooking the city of Kisumu, the Bar-Karumba Hope Center has become a very independent center. 


Begun as a secondary school for the area, this Hope Center has received a significant amount of government funding for its operations.  Using these funds, the Hope Center staff have overseen the building of a full-scale health clinic and residence for a doctor.  They have also constructed an administrative building.  Plans are currently in the works for the construction of dormitories for students. 


The Community Group at this Hope Center is very intentional and organized in their planning and implementation.  They have done an excellent job of making this a successful and growing school.  The current principal of the school has been utilizing area pastors to work with these students serving as both chaplains and counselors.


In 2015, Special Ministries and Helping Kenya Kids turned this Hope Center over to the local community to run.  It is so encouraging to see the growth of this Hope Center under local leadership.

Ilkerin Hope Center

The people of this community were in an extremely difficult situation back in 2008 when Mama Newman through Special Ministries and Helping Kenya Kids stepped in to give assistance.  The repeated droughts that had affected so many other Maasai communities were having its effect here as well.  Their only water source is an 8-mile hike to an unclean river.  Elephants in the area often make it difficult for the children to get to school as does the long distance they have to walk.


Ilkerine Hope Center now has its own church building. Under the leadership of Pastor Jackson, the church has grown to 150 people. 


Classrooms have been constructed for K-7 education and the 400 children attending school here are being fed on a daily basis.


The Community Group here at the Il-Kerine Hope Center is doing a fabulous job in maintaining and sustaining this ministry.  In 2020, Special Ministries along with Helping Kenya Kids have officially turned this Hope Center over to the local community to run.

Mutulu Hope Center

The Hope Center of Mutulu launched in 1996 and began with the building of a chapel. Subsequent years saw the startup of a school, a health clinic, and finally, a series of workshops for widows to use in learning tailoring, basket making, and baking skills.

The property houses 3 school buildings including classrooms for 400 students grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Included with these buildings are both boy's and girl's latrines, a kitchen, a large meeting room, and administration offices. There is a separate Chapel and Health Clinic built onsite. Due in part to the remote nature of this Hope Center, both boys and girls boarding rooms were constructed currently housing 42 girls and 20 boys along with a series of duplexes for faculty to live in. Housing is also provided for the clinic nurse and the pastor.

Lunch, consisting of rice, corn, and beans, is provided daily for all children, and a breakfast porridge is provided for the elementary students as well.

Located on the top of a mountain just outside the capital city of Nairobi, the Mutulu Hope Center is currently looking to hire a nurse to run the clinic and a pastor for the church. The church building is currently in use by the African Inland Church but the pastor is only available on Sunday and the desire is to have someone available throughout the week for Morning Children’s Club and adult counseling. Currently, about 80 of the students attend church weekly.

Sustainability Projects:

Ruai Farm

We started a farm to help provide income to sustain Hope Centers in Kenya. This year we have turned the corner and we are starting to sell enough to bring some profit to invest back into Hope Centers!

We are currently growing french green beans that are being exported around the globe.  It's possible you've eaten some beans that were grown on our farm in the small community of Ruai. 

If you're a farmer we would love you to come visit and help us make this farm a shining example for ministries around the world to learn from!

Past Field Reports 

Thoughts from Pastor Adam's Visit

November 11, 2020

I would love to give you an overview of my latest trip to Kenya but first I have to admit something. When Marilyn first told me about the ministry God has laid on her heart and what God did through her over the years, I was skeptical. I have been in ministry for a long time and I know that oftentimes pastors, missionaries, missions organizations and so on tend to be evangelistic in how they portray what they do or how many they serve. When I first heard about Helping Kenya Kids and the amount of ministry being done and that 100% of the money raised was going right into ministry, not $1 staying in the USA for anything….I said I need to go see what is really going on.

So, I went to Kenya for the first time and I was blown away. Not only did I see an incredible ministry, but it far exceeded what Marilyn has said! I have seen the finances and can assure you that it exceeded my expectations. My family has sponsored children around the world through various organizations and currently have one through World Vision and right on the World Vision site, you can find that 87% goes to the child. With Helping Kenya Kids 100% goes to helping the student! On the “Ways to Support” tab on the website if donations come in for any of those programs 100% goes straight to that! Again, I have been in ministry for a long time and I have never seen that. I would encourage you to look at the organizations you support and find out how much goes to supporting USA staff, USA offices, USA expenses vs actually goes to the cause you want to support.

But let me get to this most recent trip! I just got back from Kenya in the midst of this pandemic and I am SO glad I went! I was able to be there as the ministry celebrated 4 Hope Centers that had grown to the point where the local tribes/communities were given FULL control of the center! How many ministries do you know that have successfully invested in communities and grown them to the point where they can step away and allow them to decide how to move forward and have confidence they will thrive? Helping Kenya Kids has done that with 4 centers!

At the celebration meeting person after person got up to give testimony to how they would not be who they are today without this ministry. At Oloototo the Chief of the entire area got up and talked about how he was raised in the ministry, how Marilyn changed his life, how he would not be where he is today if not for this ministry! A young man got up who is a high-level banking executive and talked about how he would have been illiterate and never been educated and become who he was today if not for this ministry! Several pastors and church planters spoke about how they came up through this ministry and because of it learned about God and went on to plant churches! Teachers testified to how they grew up in these centers and now are giving back by teaching where they grew up. And it went on and on with people testifying to the impact of the ministry and I was blown away!

We visited new areas where the community has asked Helping Kenya Kids to come and start new centers. Places where the children have to have over 14 KM ONE WAY if they want to get to a school! Places where there are NO schools and the children and community are pleading for help to start one. Places where there is NO hospital around where they are pleading for help to start medical clinics. I cannot wait to partner with you to help those who do not have so many of the things we take for granted.

I was able to spend time investing in the pastors in all the Hope Centers and in the local community. Training them up and it was such a wonderful time. I was able to preach in a few Hope Centers and I promise you that you want to go to church in Kenya! Their worship with such abandon that it is inspirational!

I was able to be a part of the feeding program and see how the ministry is blessing ANYONE in the community in need. I was inspired that when the schools closed that the ministry pivoted and started providing food directly to ANY family in the community in need to help the entire family.

I was able to spend time at the ministry farm and see the work going on there to help create sustainability. I was impressed at what is going on and I am excited to dream with them about how we could apply what we are learning at all the Hope Centers to provide needed food to the community and financial support.

 It was an amazing trip and I would gladly share more with anyone that would like to know more. If you want to talk more just send us an email and I will give you a call!

God bless,
Pastor Adam

October 2020 Update

October 31, 2020

Receive many greetings from the Nairobi office team and Hope centers we continue to pray and thank God for his blessing and protection, we continue to thank God for his protection for our hope centers communities and children, they are all safe.
We thank God we are back to normal life as the government has lifted some of the restriction and bans and we pray that all shall be well soon as the Covid -19 curve is flattening.

In October the Ministry of Education announced a gradual school reopening for Grade 4, Grade 8, and Form 4 as well as universities, colleges, and vocational training centers. All our hope centers school children have resumed hoping that the other remaining classes will soon also join as the government monitors the progress.


Our food distribution to our hope centers for the month of October was a successful and special one, we were blessed to have Pastor Adam as he encouraged and prayed for the families as he helped in food packing for the household, we thank and praise God for the provision and bless all that supported us during this hard times of Covid -19 pandemic.  Throughout we have seen a lot of changes since the start of food distribution, our church Sunday fellowship attendance continued increasing in number, many who came we blessed with the word of God and receiving Christ and we thank God we even have personal testimonies testifying the work Helping Kenya Kids is doing in their communities.

Our Pastors have continued preaching the word of God in our centers. They have always expressed their heartfelt gratitude and thanked Helping Kenya Kids for remembering them during the hard times of the covid-19 pandemic. We continually thank God for the continued provision from our donors' enabling us to reach the most affected through the food distribution to families and communities. Next week we will start our November distribution for the communities.

Celebration handover of Ololtoto, Ololii and Ilkerin hope centers 

During our event, we received a lot of love from the communities and Praise and thank God for the successful handover ceremony of Ololtoto, Ololii and ilkerin hope centers that are now mature and self-sustaining. It was a great event that saw Ololtoto community, friends of Helping Kenya Kids and Government official attending in big numbers. We had great speeches of honor for Helping Kenya Kids from the communities’ members and governmental officials giving their thanks as well great testimonies from beneficiaries of the ministry that testified to how the ministry changed their whole life and livelihood. 

Pastors capacity building training
We are very grateful for pastor Adam spending time training our pastors.  We have already seen how this has really impacted our pastors with more knowledge on how to be a healthy and Godly leader. We had a total of 8 pastors some from nearby churches and outposts from ilkerin chapel under pastor kerema who are benefited from the training. We are looking forward to future training to raise the standards and capacity of our pastor for ministry.

On Sunday we were able to worship in all our two hope centers chapel where Pastor Adam was able to preach and he blessed us with a powerful message for all. After the two services, we had a snacks fellowship together thanks to pastor Adam for supporting the in providing the snacks.

Ruai Project
Ruai farm is doing very well with French beans coming up in their different blocks stages. We have finished planting the 8 blocks of French beans and now we very busy weeding, chemical application, and watering to ensure better yield as we continue praying for this project to be successful. We anticipate our first block harvesting at the end of November as well other blocks follow subsequently. Together with our staff we are putting all our effort to ensure breakthroughs of this pilot project that will see ministry expands to greater heights as well as the sustainability of our work. Construction of grading shade, office, and water extension piping to a section of French beans completed and working we thank for the provision and supporting French beans project.

August 2020 Report - Samson

September 14, 2020

Greetings from the Nairobi office team and Hope centers!!!


We continue to pray and thank God for his blessing and protection, we continue to thank God for his protection for our hope centers communities and children, they are all safe. We thank God we are back to the new normal way of life and we pray that all shall be well soon despite any loss of income among the households.

Here in Kenya the ministry of Health has continued reporting decreased numbers of Covid -19 cases. The Ministry of Education is still in a dilemma whether to reopen school September as per earlier plan but many primary schools and universities are yet to meet the required Covid 19 measures and standards but we are hopeful.

The food distribution to our hope centers was successful! Families continued receiving food and are giving thanks for the provision. We have seen a lot change since the start of food distribution, our Osegel church Sunday fellowship attendance continued increasing in number and we thank God even old members have come back to worship with us

Pastor Walter and Jonah have been busy with food distribution to our sponsored children and we were able to meet them together with their parents and guardian in the office as they to us share their challenges. This helped us update our sponsorship records, know their wellbeing as they write their letters. All the parents and guardians were grateful and thankful for remembering them during the hard times of covid-19 pandemic.

We are preparing to celebrate the handover of Oloototo, Ololii and Ilkerin hope centers to the local communities! We are so excited that they are fully self-sustaining now. We visited oloototo community to check on their progress and we are happy to report that all is planned and ready. During our visit to olo toto community, we were received with a lot of love by the communities. We will be meeting next week Friday to discuss strategies for the handover ceremony. We are very glad and privileged that Pastor Adam will be joining us during the handover ceremony. We will continue encouraging our children and their families to see the importance of supporting ministry work for future sustainability.

Ruai Project
The Ruai farm is doing well with capsicum coming up very well. We have started harvesting of capsicum, we recently harvested 48kg, and the next harvest is coming next weekend. Our tomatoes are also coming up very well and soon we will start harvesting. I will continue working very closely with them for greater yields. This week we have started planting French beans after a successful assessment by a technical team. We will be supplying 5000kg of French Beans to export, continue praying for this project to be successful. We praise God that the title for the farm has officially come in! We are beginning the construction of grading shade and water extension piping to the French beans.

Covid -19 Response Food Distribution program
We continually thank God for the provision from our donors enabling us to reach those in the greatest need. Next week we will start our September distribution for the communities. 

I wish you all God’s blessings as we serve God together for his Ministry.

August 2020 Report - Pastor Walter

September 10, 2020

August 2020 Field Admin Report                                                                                   

The month was a little better than the last three months.  People are now moving from place to place. Slowly things have started moving on and we pray that everything will be all right in due time. Covid-19 cases have started going down.  We thank God while we pray that it will down all though.

Katisaa and Mutulu

For this month we managed to give relief foods to our Hope Centers. We started with Katisaa and then Mutulu. We then drove to Osegel Hope Center and Ilkerin Hope Center Chapel. We gave food to all the communities.  All who received food were so thankful for the work Helping Kenya Kids!!  Especially during this hard time.

Osegel and Ilkerin

At Osegel Hope Center Chapel, this was a good time of preaching the Gospel to the community.  Pastor Kennedy had invited some of his Pastor friends; one of them by the name Rev. Joseph Okulu preached the Gospel. The message came from the book of Mathews 9:35-38, which was so touching to the lives of people at Osegel.  The Pastors also came with some teaching material for Sunday Schools, for the children and for the adults.  The pastors came from the Narok Bible College where Pastor Kennedy is schooling.  What we saw from this is that the church at Osegel has started regaining the strength.  The ladies have started enjoying dance as in the past, we were even provided with the food and it was so nice and encouraging.  We even stayed time more than what we were expecting, which made us arrive Ilkerin late and found people waiting for us. 

That was also good for Ilkerin Chapel because they had a day seminar whereby we found them all waiting for us.  We at last gave them food which also encouraged them to their faith.  They also glorify God for this great support.


The next day, we also went to Cheppema.  At Cheppema we bought them food and thereafter proceeded to Nairobi, where we arrived later in the evening.

Sponsored Children

At the Nairobi office we also managed to give food to our sponsored children.  This is because all schools are closed, all children are at home without food during this time of Covid 19 pandemic.  We thought that this is the right time as they are in need while at home, and we found it better to support them with this food.  All children came along with their parents to collect the food as you can see in the picture.  

God bless you,

Pastor Walter Matete

July 2020 Report

July 31, 2020

Calvary greetings from Nairobi office team and the Hope Centers!  We continue to pray and thank God for his blessing and protection! We continue to thank God for his protection in our Hope Centers, communities, and children's lives. 

We thank God we are back to the new normal way of life. Reopening places of worship, pastors are actively participating in their Sunday service (in line with the guidelines issued by the inter-faith council). Only 100 participants are allowed at each of our churches and for no more than one hour. Sunday schools shall remain suspended until further notice.

Our food distribution to our Hope Centers will continue. This week pastor Walter has been busy with food purchases for supporting our sponsored children & families. We will see many of our sponsored children and families benefit from the food. We will utilize this opportunity to meet with our sponsored children as well as their parents who will accompany them to update our records, see their wellbeing, and how we can help them.

We are working on the plan for handing over some of the self-sustaining Hope Centers to communities!!!

The Ruai farm is doing well with onions and capsicum coming up very well. Last Saturday, we had our first harvest of capsicum!  We harvested 50kg! The next harvest is next weekend. The same week we had also harvested onions and we are currently grading those and drying them in the sun. Paul and Joseph (farm attendant) are also doing well, and ready to embark on our French beans farming.  We have started land preparation and now ready for the French bean planting project next week! 


We thank you all for the support of security borehole fence a four-layer course of blocks with a metal cover on top which is now complete and secure.

Hope Centers Food Distribution

We continually thank God for the continued provision from our donors enabling us to reach the most affected. We continually work to distribute food to families and communities plagued by hunger during COVID 19 pandemic. Next week we will start our distribution again. 

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a substantial change to our work in the field, which has never been as normal. The work at our Hope Centers has changed so much since the Schools are still closed until January. 


We have continued supporting the children & families of our Hope Centers at their homes now instead of just at the Hope Centers. That causes more travel and we really could use a more reliable vehicle to support the work. It is an urgent matter that we are praying God provides for.

An Update from Pastor Walter!

July 29, 2020

2020 Field report  - Relief food supply

After several days locked down in Western Kenya, I managed to travel back to Nairobi. I was able to join the Nairobi team who were distributing the relive food at our Hope Centers.  Samson, and Jonah had just gone to Katisaa and Mutulu, and planned also to take food to our Hope Center in Narok and Cheppema.  At Narok we were joined by Pastor Kennedy who had made the arrangements for the Osegel Hope Center to get food (maize flour, rice, beans, and cooking oil).  The same was also given to the Ilkerin Community under Pastor Samuel Kerem who is our chaplain in the area.


Many of them wanted to share their gratitude to Helping Kenya Kids for the wonderful work they are doing at this time when people are encouraged to stay at home because of the pandemic.  The Community was encouraged to love God and serve Him because he is the one who has provided food through our friends in America, who also willing are to continue with this good work that gives glory to God.

Everyone who came was able to go away with food! They were very happy to have food.  The ladies were so excited when they received food at Osegel Hope Center Church that they did not feel bad carrying food on their backs all the way home because they now had something to feed their children and family.

After finishing At Narok very late, we proceeded to Cheppema Hope Center where we also took food. We arrived around midnight!


It has been confirmed in Kenya that Schools will be opening its doors by January 2021 because of the covid 19 pandemic, and we pray that things will go well.

Thank you for making all this happen.  God is being glorified in the earth because of you. We pray that things will gradually get back to normal. 

God bless you,

Pastor Walter Matete

Osegel - June Report

July 18, 2020


13th June 2020 - A widower by the name Agnes Ntirrwa visited pastors home, we interacted and talked much
about the late Mamma Newman. One thing that she remembered is that the late mamma Newman used to help windowed in Osegel.

22nd June 2020 food distribution at Osegel Chapel - - Pastor Kennedy outside one of the supermarket in Narok Town purchasing food with the help of our Director Samson. Faith, the pastor’s wife, talked with many community members encouraging them to love God as Christ loved the church and to pray for special ministry in Kenya and our donors in US, giving them a Maasai proverb; You cannot love milk which comes from the cattle and hate the cattle itself. 

- We have lunch together after long day distribution of food discussing matters that may be affecting the community lead by our Director and peace chairman Nairuko.

26th June 2020 - We visited the households to see how they have been coping after food distribution four days later and they were happy and thankful to the ministry. We also prayed for them. We met windowed at home and they were mending beads, they said they recalled the late Mamma Newman who started the project. They used to mend the beads and sell them abroad.

28th June 2020 Sunday- The number of church members has increased and we thank God for that

5th July – The church members have grown even more!

a) Lack of food as many people from the community are not working.
b) Lack of sanitary towels for the girls because those people who were in that program of distributing are no longer issuing the sanitary.

Complied by
Pastor Kennedy Sopia

Katisaa Hope center - June Report

July 17, 2020

Greetings in Jesus' name! I believe you are doing well despite the hard and challenging times we are facing. The Almighty is with us and we give all the glory to him.

We thank God first for the second round of relief food distribution to us. We received it with Thanksgiving and praise to our God and wish overwhelming blessings to those who contributed and gave their resources to make the exercise successful. This program has created a lot of impact the locals who don't have a positive approach to the institution. It is my prayer and request that this program will continue.

Despite the ban of Sunday gatherings, we have not stopped fellowshipping at our homes. I att nd two Sunday services in my home and two Sundays in one of our Church member's home. During weekdays, I do one on one evangelism without discrimination. Am doing the because of several reasons;

  • To win souls,

  • Make disciples,

  • Increase in number in our church etc.

Some members of our church plus other community members have been clearing bushes and grass that has grown inside our compound as we prepare to make it look better.

This report has been prepared 
 by Pst. Erickson, Katisaa Hope Center.


July 16, 2020


Receive greeting in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. We are very much doing well in our Lord Christ.

We are elated for your support at Ilkerin, the food donation has been a great help to many individuals including the elderly, the widows, and the orphans who could not afford to provide daily loaves of bread for their loved ones. We are all elated for your help and may LORD bless you. May he show his blessing to you so that you may continue helping the needy.

We would like to congratulate special ministries because of the great work they have been doing. Not forgetting our director who has been of great help to the community, there has been a lot of hope in the community hence triggering many people to be born again. Thanks for your great coordination with the church and the community too.

Nonetheless, we are so happy that the ban on attending church had finally been lifted. We can only thank God because He is the one who controls everything. All congregants are now able to attend church and carry on with the mission of fulfilling the will of God.

We also take this golden chance to remind you of our request for toilet- finishing. There are many people in the church and the toilets that are complete are few. We pray hard that God enables you financially so that you help us complete it because it’s an important facility in the community.

May God bless you,

Update from our Kenya Director

June 11, 2020

Many greetings from Nairobi office team and Hope centers we continue to thank God for his blessing and protection, it has been the toughest month since, as a country, more cases are on the rise and deaths too. We continue to thank God for his protection for our hope center communities and children are safe and staying at home. Public gatherings, rallies, and meetings banned, churches, schools, universities still closed until September for schools to resume as the new announcement by the government. A majority of persons have contracted the disease are residents of Nairobi and Kenyan at the coastal region with few cases confirmed outside Nairobi.

Due the increase of disease spread in Nairobi, the government through President Directive Address to the nation on 6th April 2020, the cessation of all movement by road, rail or air in and out of Nairobi is banned for a period of 21 days and shall continue to subject to a curfew. The President further directed that the movement of food supplies and other cargo will continue by designated persons and organization with government permission letter, we thank God Special Ministries (Helping Kenya Kids name in Kenya) is among the NGO designated and granted permission to continue with its Ministry work in its areas of operation. This is a great recognition of special ministries' work by the government, we praise God for this favor.

Ruai Project

Ruai farm is doing well with onions at there last stage of maturity and are coming up very well. We will be harvesting onions in two months’ time. Paul and Joseph (farm attendant) are also doing well, every week I visit Ruai for supervision as well giving my support, I will continue working very closely with Ruai Staff for greater yields. Since Covid -19 crisis we haven’t able to get any income from kales the farm due to restricted movement. 

Hope Centers Food Distribution

We thank God Special Ministries was granted permission by the government to carry on its ministry work on food distribution to families and communities much hinted by hunger during COVID 19 pandemic. Thank you for all our donors for the love and overwhelming support of food for the needy families affected by hunger due to coronavirus. Our food distribution was
successful and we managed to distribute food to all our hope centers selected household. 

We managed to reach 158 families (Mutulu 45, Lkerin 50, Osegel 22, Cheppema 17, and Katisa 24)!!!

Distribution Process
Our food distribution plan was well coordinated by our pastors and their local administration at the Hope centers just to adhere to government guidelines on preventing Covid 19 spread by maintaining social distancing, mask-wearing, no gathering during distribution. We advised not to bring all the selected household but just few number per center. Our pastors delivered to individuals especially the elderly who are not able to make to the distribution center. 

All food was purchased at the nearby selected shops by the pastors, all food packing into sack was done by all of us Nairobi team (Shadrack, Jonah and I), Hope centers pastors and Hope center representative at the selected shops before distribution.

I wish you All God’s blessings and protection during these hard times of Covid-19
pandemic as we serve God together in His Vineyard.


More help during Covid!

June 11, 2020

Here is an update from Pastor Samuel on how Helping Kenya Kids has been partnering with his church and community to help during this season.

"Receive warm greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ our savior. We are very much fine and it’s our hope and desire that you are also doing the same.

We are doing fine in the Lord Jesus Christ and we bless God for this. Our church is still closed as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic but we are tirelessly and hopefully praying together as a community as we anticipate for the re-opening of the church.

On behalf of Ilkerin community, I confirm that we are so elated for the food donation. Despite the total number of the people in the community being 120, 50 of them received the donation and we are however grateful and happy.

Nonetheless, we are thankful and may the almighty bless you for the great work you and doing. May God also remember you and deliver you in times of trouble
Yours sincerely,
Pst. Samuel"

Serving During Covid19!

June 11, 2020

As the worldwide pandemic was spreading Helping Kenya Kids was stepping into the gap to help families with much-needed food and encouragement! Here are some updates on what has happened and pictures as well!

From Pastor Kennedy, "We have been visiting our chapel in Osegel and Maasai Moran visited the pastor in his home. Helping Kenya Kids helped distribute food with the Director in Kenya, Samson. We keep in contact with the community after distributing food and helping educate them on how to stay safe from this pandemic. We still need more food for the people, sanitary towels for the women, repairs to the church, housing and a method of transportation for our Pastor."

Febuary 2020 Report

February 29, 2020

Ruai Project

There is extremely good and progressive work going on in Ruai. So far the seedlings of kales, spinach, hoho(Capsicum), onions, managu and tomatoes are at their different sprout stages and in the next two weeks transplanting will be taking place in the new 2-acre plowed area. During the month of January, we plowed 1acre for hay harvesting and it plenty doing well, by next month we will be harvesting for sale.

Manure, fertilizers, and insecticides are being applied to protect, boost and hasten growth. A security fence around the borehole site is needed to prevent it from being interfered with. We continue to pray to God for the funds for a perimeter wall for the whole farm in the future.

Osegel Hope Center:

The feeding program is smooth and running we delivered food on 28th February 2020. The Headmaster new is most grateful for the food support that we regularly offer. The school board and the Headmaster met with Pastor Kennedy (our Chaplai)n and highly commended him for his training and skills. We have seen a lot of improvement in the Sunday attendance since pastor Kennedy came on staff. We thank God for him as we continue praying for him.

Katisaa Hope Center 

We delivered food on Wednesday 26th and the children were extremely happy. The number of children in the center is growing day by day and it is now at 30! The idea of starting a Standard One class next year to cater for the children who are graduating from pre-school and going to other schools was most welcome. Parents are willing to cost-share the project. We have completed two classrooms and a kitchen that required some renovation by using the fund that we are holding for Katisaa. 

Mutulu Hope Center

We delivered food to Mutulu on Tuesday 3rd march to a very warm welcome by the Headteacher, staff, workers, and children. The Headteacher was most grateful for the increased supply and wished that we could get more sponsors to sponsor more pupils from extremely poor parents. He shared to us that many children did not manage to join the secondary school after their primary level due to lack of school fees.

The Mutulu Hope Center Chapel runs its services under a caretaker from AIC Pastor. The people are now ready to have a Pastor interviewed and employed by us to serve the needs of the Center. There was a lot of joy and jubilation shown to us during our visit with Grace Chapel Pastors. Our prayers are that God will raise more donors for the ministry.

There is also a need to reopen the clinic. Together with the community, we will be meeting with the County Government of Kitui Health Officials to look into the possibility.

El Kerin Church

Pastor Kerema is doing a fantastic job of winning people for the Kingdom. Pastor Kerema is very missionary. We received a lot of warm welcome by the church members during our visit with the Grace Chapel pastors.

Cheppema Hope Center

We visited Cheppema on 25th February to deliver food. Currently, the home host 17 children who stay there.

A Special Report

Dear Special Friends,


Kadaneka was sad.  In fact, she thought this was the worse day of her life!   It all started when her father died only a few months before this worst day!  She had to leave school, her friends and the teachers who helped her.  There was no money for school – or enough food.  She and mother were hungry most of the time, but one thing made her happy! Mother told her she was going to have a new baby sister or brother.  She very much wanted a little sister to play with!  Now she was waiting on the clinic steps to hear her baby sister cry and see the smile on mother’s face.  But that didn’t happen.   Suddenly everyone was crying!  Her mother and the new baby died, and that is what made this the worse day of her life!  Kadaneka  stayed many days and nights alone in her little mud house.  In the daytime she walked and walked to beg for food . At night she was still hungry and very lonely.   That was when Helping Kenya Kids workers came to help.  They brought much food and loving care, but the best was that day when her aunt and uncle came to take her home with them.   She went back to school and was never hungry again!    She was so happy that her friends at Helping Kenya Kids had found her uncle and helped him come for her.  She would never forget!


Kadaneka was eight years old in that true story.  Now she is grown up, but still remembers that day when  her mother and unborn baby died.  Many children in Kenya have days they can call “the worst day of my life.”  Malaria and other diseases take their toll from our families.  Children are left lonely and hopeless.    They need a hug and a promise of help.  This is exactly what Helping Kenya Kids staff do the best!   We love our work, but we cannot do it alone.  We need you to help us care for children like Kadaneka and others with “worst days”.      We praise God for you who are helping in our ministry with families, and we believe God is pleased too, and blessing your lives for what you do.   Thank you for caring and working with us.  


This term we want to continue what we have started with children and their families, but we are also concerned about other work facing us right now.  We are working to make Special Ministries more financially independent;   There is much hope for Ruai to be an income-generating Hope Center with its good farmland.  But we need to complete the well and irrigation system.    We need help in growing the crops needed  by our children and their families in all the Hope Centers, and we need enough left over to sell and bring income.   This is not possible without the water from the well that is already there, but incomplete and unusable.     We are always looking for ways to help the people help themselves!   Funds are needed to help individual families generate income through projects.    


And all the time, we are busy seeking out the most needy ones, and the ones who need spiritual help and guidance .  Our staff are busy every day to accomplish the work of  teaching and helping, and bringing the wonderful story of Jesus and His love.  Only faith in Christ can secure the futures of hopeless people.


Please help us bring hope and promise in a lonely and uncertain world.   You will be a blessing to many in Kenya and in America.         We ALL say Thank you!


Your missionary friends,


 and God’s servants at Helping Kenya Kids


June 2018 Hope Center Reports

We are so excited to bring you good news from Kenya! Thank you for your part in the Bible distribution program and the Monthly feeding program in the Hope Centers! It means everything to these special friends!

Our  reports from the months of May and June include many exciting successes as well as several challenges.

Heavy rains made the roads impassable. Still undaunted, fighting potholes and getting the 4 wheel drive stuck, Abednego continued on and they were received warmly in Narok.  Bibles were distributed and class Eight pupils were very happy to receive them.  

The Ololii Hope Center distribution was delayed due to the Head teacher's absence.  Would you please pray that we have great success distributing the Bible's and Food there?  They are both needed so much! 

Osegel Hope Center received us warmly and we issued food and the bibles that were intended for Ololii.  

Then on June 6th they proceeded to Mutulu Hope Center for the same purposes. Leaving early in the morning and fighting potholes in the road the entire way, it took until Noon to arrive at the destination.

We were informed the children there were starving and they begged us to bring the feeding program, which is a priority. Some pupils do not attend school due to the lack of food at the Hope Center.

Three Centers received bibles and food, and Osegal Hope Center parents were happy to see us.

Katisaa Hope Center and Cheppema Hope Center also received food from the monthly feeding programs.  We are all so grateful to God for the successful Bible distribution and for all of our supporters and donors for the continued Ministry work at the Hope Centers.   Thank you all and God Bless You, Abednego


Western Kenya Mission Outreach

"During the Easter Holiday, We had a very nice time to reach out in Western Kenya for VBS. I have a heart for children whereby we bring all Sunday School Children, and their teachers together to experience how God loves them. They come to learn memory verses, Bible stories, Bibles games, other games like tag of war, and any others.  We also show them the Jesus Film according to the Gospel of Luke.

This time round, on March 30th, Samuel and I were at a place called Naera in BusiaCounty, very close to Lake Victoria where we had not less than 720 kids including with their teachers and around 460 got saved.  The place looked quite remote and the only dominating church is Catholic and Anglican.  We even had adults who came to join the kids and they too gave their lives to Jesus. Also on 31stthe same Month we went to another place known asEmalindi in Kakamegacounty, this took us like 180km one way, and at the place we were, around 680 who attended and at that 400 got saved which makes 860in total who were converted to Christ during this Easter. For this reason I want to take this opportunity to just thank everyone who gave to make these happen. You have changed the world and brought in the different lesson or doctrine. (act. 5:28.) Praise be to God Almighty" 


With your generous donations, you have changed the world!!!  These teachers now have materials to use to teach these children about Jesus.

"Sunday school teachers also received the S. School teachers guide which will enables them to know what to teach.  They need to have a good direction from the bible.

One of the Pastors called me and informed me that the VBS has brought a great impact at his church last Sunday; this is because the kids who attended the VBS came at the church with their parents, in a good number. "

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous help! Click here if you wish to donate toward the next VBS!

Kisumu Bar Korumba Hope Center

February 11, 2018

Many years ago, Special Ministries Kenya built the first three classrooms, toilets, and a kitchen at Kisumu Bar Karumba Hope Center. In the USA, the name has changed to HelpingKenyaKids, but in Kenya, Special Ministries is still working hard (under the same name) to continue spreading Hope, wherever they go.

The community leaders at the Hope Center later pursued government help and received financial assistance to build additional classrooms, a clinic, an administration block, a chief's office, and four additional bathrooms.  The good news is that the school is doing well!  And the tree which was planted by Momma Newman many years ago is thriving too. 


With your donations, children who can not afford school tuition, are able to receive an education. An education opens the door for these young men and women to pursue passions and careers that will better their community and the world.


New Walls have been installed on the church at IL-Kerin.  The building had been open to the weather, and the goats were free to walk through the back of the church! 

We still need to do more work to finish the building

Click donate to help with this project! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


There are currently 8 Hope Centers and 2 Community Centers across Kenya.An estimated 65,000 children have been educated, another 50,000+ fed, and tens of thousands have come to know the Lord through the Hope Centers and our programs.


The Ruai Hope Garden is a 5 acre plot of land for the purpose of raising crops for income for the Kenya ministry to become self-sustaining.  The garden is in urgent need of an irrigation system that will sustain it through the seemingly constant Kenyan drought. The first bean crop had a poor harvest due to the drought. To help fund this crucial project, and provide food for hundreds, please click DONATE. Thank you! 


Young goats "kids", are given as gifts to school children. The children learn lessons in responsibility and are given a chance to help in the economy of the family. 


Each day the school children are given a good meal of beans, maize, and vegetables.  Often this is the only meal the children will eat all day.

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