Often in rural communities it is the mother, or grandmother, that takes care of the family while the husband is away trying to earn a living. If the husband passes away the wife is typically left with nothing but the empty house (because the husbands family has the right to come and take anything they want) and their children. Then the widow has find a way to help them all survive. 

Our widows program comes alongside these women to teach them various skills to enable them to earn an income to provide for the family. This support also goes to buying them the needed supplies to sustain their business and family.


Interesting side note......In Kenya it is the wife who also builds the families home once they are married, and when she becomes a mother she has to build the addtions on the house!  The picture above is of a typical house. Usually a small family room with a stove for the cooking and heat. Then off that space is a bedroom for the husband and wife and then either a commual room for the kids or maybe one than one room if there are many kids. 

Widows Program

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Mutulu Widows
Monthly support for 1 widow at Mutulu!
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Katisaa Widow
Monthly support for 1 widow at Katisaa!
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Osegal Widow
Monthly support for 1 widow at Osegal!
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Il-Kerin Widow
Monthly support for 1 widow at Il-Kerin
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Cheppema Widow
Monthly support for 1 widow at Cheppema.
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Kibera Widow
Monthly support for 1 widow at Kibera.
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