The communities of Il-Kerin and Kimelok are in desparate need of medical clinics.  Both sites currently have very active churches with phenomenal pastors overseeing their congregations.  Both sites are currently 12 to 17 miles away from the nearest urgnet care medical clinic.  This means that women going into labor are unable to get to the nurse or doctor in time, that malaria symptoms go unchecked, and dysentary issues run rampent. 


A schematic of the new clinic design, constructed locally in Kenya utilizing old shipping containers is pictured above.  For the cost of $45,000 we can build a 3 exam room clinic complete with functioning lab and pharmacy.  Solar panels on the roof provide electricity and roof runoff is collected for water until a borehole well has been completed.


Each clinic will also have a TV mounted in the waiting area which will run the Jesus Film in the Maasai language whenever people are waiting to see a nurse or doctor.


This is a one time cost and covers the cost of one medical clinic. 

If you would like to donate toward either of these medical clinics we would also love to have you come meet the locals and attend the ribbon cutting ceremony if you're interested!

Build a Medical Clinic!

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