May 2022

Nairobi Office:

Receive our Calvary greetings from Special Ministries Kenya team and Hope Centers. We praise and continue to thank God for protection throughout the month. March-April was a busy month for the ministry together with our Hope Centers communities as we received our guest. Indeed, it was a month of joy and blessings to us. We praise and thank God for safe journey mercies for the team led by Pastor Bob. Together with our Hope Centers communities we had great interaction with the team as we went all around our Hope Centers witnessing God’s doing. Teams were able to learn our communities better, children as well sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community chapels.

During our stay with the team, we were able to carry out several activities alongside Lkerin medical Clinic opening ceremony, witnessing lowering down of Kimelok Medical clinic by container company, participating in writing letters by Osegel pupils to their sister school

Borculo school Pen Pal friends, and train making with children. THANK YOU JOHN DIEKEMA for making trains for the whole Kimelok school children. We had group work, singing, and dancing Maasai songs with the team and above playing with children, women meeting as they learned beading making with Janet. Some got massage and this was one of the best experience ever working alongside with the community members and we thank all our friends of Special Ministry and Helping Kenya Kids for coming to fellowship with us in the month of April.

We thank God for the successful completion of Kimelok school building and we rejoice and praise God that now our pre- school children are no longer taking their classes under the tree and chapel as well no longer getting burned from hot sun and dust. This is God’s doing and we thank our donors for the support. We continue thanking God for the continued provision from our donors Helping Kenya Kids for the compassion and love even during this hard time of pandemic.

Feeding program

In the Month of April school reopened again and all our hope centers children are back for their term one. The Results of Grade 8 are out and we are very impressed by Osegel grade 8 pupils performed very well in their national examination. All of the 23 students who sat for their exam passed well and all got admission letters to join Form One (High School) in May.

We delivered food to our Hope Centers. Osegel primary received their food which will take them through the month; Osegel Bible club also received their porridge for the month. Katisaa preschool re-opened, and we supplied food. The following day we supplied food to Kimelok Hope Center. We now have Grade 8 who are also preparing for their national examination by 28th November this year again 2022. Let’s continue praying for God’s protection throughout the term for great results again.

Drought situation in our Hope Centers

For the months of April, we received good rains across the Hope Centers, at least now animals are back to normal and have gained strength, but we still have families in need of food especial many whose animals died during the drought period. Many parent we are not able to take their children to Form One due to lack of school fees since many lacked animals to sell for school fees and those who had remained with few animals they could not sell since the animals are weak, hence will not fetch them good money in the market price. Food support is still critical in most of our Hope Centers families and children. Due nearing August election in Kenya, the Cost of Living is high, food prices are sky rocketing, animals are not sellable in the market cause they are still on recovery situation.

Kimelok Clinic and School Progress

We praise God for land preparation. The Kimelok Medical clinic is 90% complete, currently interior painting work is ongoing. We glorify God now Special Ministries Schools-Kimelok is up and running with fully trained teachers and qualified to improve the learning standard. During April month school opening, we registered high numbers of children joining play group class and whole Kimelok School. Now enrollment is at 150 students. Classroom for learning is now becoming a big challenge since the four classes built are not enough to accommodate all school; hence play group pupils are now taking their learning classes inside the chapel.

Mashuuru Hope Center

We thank God Pastor Bob was able to visit Mashuuru proposed hope center and were welcomed by the area chief and village elder. We had a very consultative and fruitful meeting. We have now tasked the chief and and village elders to speed up the process of title processing so as to allow possible development of a new Hope Center.

Bibles and Hymns Books

Our Hope Centers chapels are now full equipped with Bibles and Hymns Books to praise and worship God in their language. Thank you so much Borculo youth for making it possible.

Lkerin Medical Clinic cerebration

Lkerin medical clinic is now done. We had cerebration with Lkerin community and leader as we praised and thanked God for the clinic completion. We thank God for the successful installation of borehole water pump and the solar system for electrical energy that serves both the borehole and clinic lighs. Preparations are underway for the clinic registration with Ministry of Health and other medical authorities’ bodies in Narok.

Prayer requests

· Continue praying for Kenya for peaceful August election.

· Pray for rain until the next rainy season in December.

Ruai Project

Ruai farm is doing well with French beans, we have started harvesting in the month of April, and we have also started planting other boost crops variety like cabbages, onions and yellow beans. Once the yellow beans are harvested in the month of June, we will use to support our feeding program in the schools, this will cut a lot of cost of buying beans. We had rain in Ruai. We are putting all our effort to ensure maximum production.

I wish you All God’s blessings as we serve God together for His Ministry.

Samsun Nangole, Director

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