March 2021 Update

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Kids (goats) for Kids! This program provides young goats to one of our Hope Center children! When you give young goats it helps children learn responsibility and valuable life skills. When the children finish school they will have a small herd of goats to help provide a means of help in beginning their new phase of life. This can provide a good income for their families. This is a very successful program changing children's lives and futures.

Thanks to recent donors that made this possible for these families! If you would like to do the same you can donate here:

Here are some recent recipients of the program!

Some great pictures of helping families from Ilkerin Hope Center:

The Month was a very busy Month! We managed to supply food to the poor families in our Hope Centers who said that they are very happy for the work Helping Kenya Kids is doing all over Kenya! We continue to support so many during this pandemic that would otherwise have little to no food. For the third time, Covid 19 pandemic has started rising up again in Kenya. Many prominent people who have been affected are hospitalized. Our schools are still going on with classes and students are getting ready for exams. We also gave out face masks and sanitizers to our Hope Center Primaries and Pre- School children.This we have visited and provided food for the schools and families at Osegel Hope Center, Ilkerin Hope Center, Kimelok Hope Center, Katisaa Hope Center, Mutulu Hope Center, and not forgetting Cheppema Hope Center Children’s Home.

Thank you so much for making all this happen and we ask you to continue with our wonderful work to support the vulnerable people in Kenya, and also in other areas in the globe.

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