January Update

While 2020 was a year unlike any other, great things still happened with the work of Helping Kenya Kids! And even greater things are planned for 2021! And we are starting off this new year with some GREAT news! We have officially brought on staff 2 more pastors to launch 2 new Hope Centers!

Welcome Pastor Stanley to the team! He leads a church in a VERY rural area called Kimelok. He is the man at the top second from the right.

Here is a video of his church welcoming us!

Here is a video of the land and the church that will be becoming the Hope Center!

We are also excited to welcome Pastor Harun Okoth! He leads a church in an area called Kisumu. His church currently meets under a tree and we are excited to be partnering up and soon to be helping them build their church and future Hope Center! Here is a picture of him and his church family. Next month we plan to have a video to share with you all!

Update from Pastor Walter:

The Month of December is the Month that we take a break for vacations. This is because all Schools always go for recess. The Month of December was a little bit different compared to the others. While other staff had gone for leave, Samson and I continued to work. This because grades 4 and 8 plus form 4 were in the class for the month of November and December so we had to take them food to help them stay in the School.

Also early in the Month of December, we held VBS at Osegel. At Osegel Hope Center, a total of 250 Children attended the VBS and 120 gave their lives to Jesus, which was very nice during this time of Covid 19 pandemic. We were at Osegel on December 5th, which was so encouraging and giving glory to God.

In the same Month, we also distributed the food to the family at Katisaa and Mutulu Hope Center Community. After Mutulu and Katisaa, we proceeded to Osegel and Ilkerin where we also distributed food. Then to Cheppema. After this we had to break off for Christmas.

God Bless you,

Pastor Walter Matete.

Field Administration.

Update Osegl Hope Center:

December 12th & 13th 2020 we held our annual seminar held at Osegel. December 14th we had food distribution at Osegel Chapel, the community thanked Helping Kenya Kids for providing food for them during the Christmas season.

During church this month we urge members of the church to trust in the Lord who has provided foro them the whole year. And right before Christmas, December 23rd, Pastor Keendey offered a barber shave for helping needy children who could not afford to go to the barber.

VBS was a great success and we encouraged memebers of the community.

Update from Katisaa Hope Center:

Here is Pastor Erickson enjoying snacks during their Christmas celebration!

Here is a message from Pastor Erickson, "On behalf of Katisaa family, we are happy to be alive. Many thanks to the almighty God for keeping us in true faith and hope in Him.

We had a wonderful 2020 despite many challenges we faced. The Lord was with us. Our services are on Sunday from 10-12. We also have Bible clubs for children on Saturday from 9-11. Thank you for all you do to support our ministry! Here is a picture of our church family!"

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