February Update Part 2!

Field Update from Pastor Walter:

Well, there was a bit to much rain when we went to deliver food and help our Hope Centers! We went to give food, masks, and hand sanitizer to our Hope centers at Narok, hoping to continue to Cheppema but we could make it all through. At the time we arrived at Narok it was heavily raining. We managed to go to Osegel were we able to give Food, Face Masks and Sanitizer. The road to Osegel was so muddy and not passable but thank God for our truck, we managed to take food with all what we had. At the time we left, the teachers who live in town requested that we give them a lift this is because no vehicle could go

to Osegel that time. They were very surprised to see we made it!

Kimelk Hope Center

Because of the rain we were not able to proceed to Kimelok Hope Center. We went the next day which was so terrible. The Director even suggested that we turn our vehicle back because no vehicle would go through. I told him that we would go slowly, where we were literally stuck but we arrived, and gave food, masks and the sanitizer.

The rain started again before we could leave which made the road from Kimelok impossible! We got stuck for more than five hours!!!! Straining and pushing, even the steering rod

got locked it could not turn!

Later on Pastor Stanley sent some men who helped us, and thereafter we manage to go. We took our track to mechanic and after fixing it we are ready to continue to the other Hope Centers.

According to the Government report, the Covid 19 pandemic cases have started to rise again in Kenya and there is still a need to continue food program in supporting our Hope Center vulnerable families on this fight. Thank God we have not had any case in our Hope Centers or in our Hope Center Schools. We glorify God for taking Care of our Hope Center. We pray that it will continue like that. Our Children are still safe, and even our Teachers. Schools will close for break for the month of April for 7 weeks to allow national examination to continue and will reopen again in the month of May.

God Bless You All,

Pastor Walter.

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