February Update

Here is the field report from Pastor Walter!


The Month of January 2021 was a blessing! Our new Hope Center, Kimelok Hope Center, was just started a few months ago and we began with helping them feed their school children. It was so fun surprising them because they were not expecting any food from us since the Hope Center just started in September. We had not finalized plans as to when we would provide food & programing. But with the generosity of our donors we were able to start and we decided January would be a good time!

We arrived, that was on the 13th January and we found Pastor Stanley, the school teacher, the children and some of the community elders at the Hope Center. They were talking about where to start with our new partnership! We arrived with the food on our truck and they were so surprised SO happy!

It was not like when we get to another center, we have to unload ourselves and sometimes the children help us. It was so much encouraging, as you can see in the pictures, that they could not wait to jump in and help!

We also enjoyed kids playing and chasing after the soccer ball. This is the ball that Pastor Adam left when he was in Kenya last year.


We also took the food to Osegel Hope Center, where they were also very happy to receive the food. The Headteacher told us that because of the food, the children will stay learning. He added that since they opened the school, the number of children had been low because kids were running away to find food. We are so happy to be able to help solve this problem with the help of all the donors to Helping Kenya Kids!

From Narok we preceded to Cheppema where we also gave some food to the home where we found few of the children, others were still at the School.


The next day we continued to Katisaa Hope Center where Samson and I bought them food. Thereafter we went to Mutulu Hope Center.

Pastor Ericson reports that the Saturday Bible Club is going well! Children have been attending in greater numbers! Every Thursday at 3:00 PM we are having a prayer meeting. We came together to pray for our center and for the church's growth both spiritually and numerically. The opening of our pre-school was quite good. We are surprised at the growth of the school! Right now we are having a total of 45 children and three teachers.

Child Sponsorship:

We are working on new case histories for other children who need to be sponsored to attend schools.

God bless you,

Pastor Walter Matete

Field Admin, Special Ministries.

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