October 2020 Update

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Receive many greetings from the Nairobi office team and Hope centers we continue to pray and thank God for his blessing and protection, we continue to thank God for his protection for our hope centers communities and children, they are all safe. We thank God we are back to normal life as the government has lifted some of the restriction and bans and we pray that all shall be well soon as the Covid -19 curve is flattening.

In October the Ministry of Education announced a gradual school reopening for Grade 4, Grade 8, and Form 4 as well as universities, colleges, and vocational training centers. All our hope centers school children have resumed hoping that the other remaining classes will soon also join as the government monitors the progress.

Our food distribution to our hope centers for the month of October was a successful and special one, we were blessed to have Pastor Adam as he encouraged and prayed for the families as he helped in food packing for the household, we thank and praise God for the provision and bless all that supported us during this hard times of Covid -19 pandemic. Throughout we have seen a lot of changes since the start of food distribution, our church Sunday fellowship attendance continued increasing in number, many who came we blessed with the word of God and receiving Christ and we thank God we even have personal testimonies testifying the work Helping Kenya Kids is doing in their communities.

Our Pastors have continued preaching the word of God in our centers. They have always expressed their heartfelt gratitude and thanked Helping Kenya Kids for remembering them during the hard times of the covid-19 pandemic. We continually thank God for the continued provision from our donors' enabling us to reach the most affected through the food distribution to families and communities. Next week we will start our November distribution for the communities.

Celebration handover of Ololtoto, Ololii and Ilkerin hope centers

During our event, we received a lot of love from the communities and Praise and thank God for the successful handover ceremony of Ololtoto, Ololii and ilkerin hope centers that are now mature and self-sustaining. It was a great event that saw Ololtoto community, friends of Helping Kenya Kids and Government official attending in big numbers. We had great speeches of honor for Helping Kenya Kids from the communities’ members and governmental officials giving their thanks as well great testimonies from beneficiaries of the ministry that testified to how the ministry changed their whole life and livelihood.

Pastors capacity building training We are very grateful for pastor Adam spending time training our pastors. We have already seen how this has really impacted our pastors with more knowledge on how to be a healthy and Godly leader. We had a total of 8 pastors some from nearby churches and outposts from ilkerin chapel under pastor kerema who are benefited from the training. We are looking forward to future training to raise the standards and capacity of our pastor for ministry.

On Sunday we were able to worship in all our two hope centers chapel where Pastor Adam was able to preach and he blessed us with a powerful message for all. After the two services, we had a snacks fellowship together thanks to pastor Adam for supporting the in providing the snacks.

Ruai Project Ruai farm is doing very well with French beans coming up in their different blocks stages. We have finished planting the 8 blocks of French beans and now we very busy weeding, chemical application, and watering to ensure better yield as we continue praying for this project to be successful. We anticipate our first block harvesting at the end of November as well other blocks follow subsequently. Together with our staff we are putting all our effort to ensure breakthroughs of this pilot project that will see ministry expands to greater heights as well as the sustainability of our work. Construction of grading shade, office, and water extension piping to a section of French beans completed and working we thank for the provision and supporting French beans project.

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