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Helping Kenya Kids

We exist to bring hope into the most rural communities in Kenya! 

  • We partner with local communities, tribes, families, and governmental leaders to bring education to children who would otherwise not receive an education. 

  • We provide food for the children at all Hope Centers. For many, this is their only meal of the day.

  • We plant churches to minister to the spiritual needs of the community. 

  • We build health clinics to provide basic health needs for communities. 

  • We teach farming skills to help provide for the future sustainability of the centers and the Kenyan people.

Opportunities at Hope Centers

Feeding Program - We currently provide a daily lunch for all students and staff. For an additional $1 per child per month, we could expand the feeding program to include breakfast! An additional $75 per center per month will give us the ability to provide a meal for children who attend weekend Bible clubs!

Child Sponsorship - For $35 per month you can sponsor a child to help cover school costs. Your sponsored child would love to have you visit them as well!

Farming - $750 is needed for an irrigation system at our farm. Also, we would love to have experienced farmers and agricultural workers come to Kenya to help with planting/harvesting methods and to train our farmers!

Vehicle - The rural roads of Kenya beat-up vehicles. We are currently raising $30,000 for a new 4x4 truck. 

Want to know Something unique about Helping Kenya Kids?

We exist to bring hope into the most rural communities in Kenya. 100% of the funds donated to Helping Kenya Kids (HKK) goes directly to people in need! Not one penny goes to anything, or anyone, in the United States! We invest 100% into the people of Kenya! Try to find another non-profit like that! We are committed to helping those in need!

Osegel Hope Center
Ruai Farm
Kibera Hope Center