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As a young missionary in Kenya, Marilyn Newman’s heart broke for the people of Kenya as starvation and drought ravaged the country during the Great Famine of 1984. Despite her efforts to help, babies and elderly women alike were dying in her arms. 


It was in the midst of this tragedy that God gave Marilyn a vision for hope. In 1984 she founded the non-profit known in Kenya as "Special Ministries" which is known as "Helping Kenya Kids" in the USA. 


Since 1984 God has worked through Marilyn's faithfulness and the generosity of donors all over the world to build Hope Centers and community centers throughout the nation of Kenya! Children and family-focused, the Hope Centers are committed to spreading hope, serving both the physical and spiritual needs of Kenyan people.   By sponsoring children's education, creating income generation projects for parents, digging wells for drinking water, and farming land for sustainable food sources, Helping Kenya Kids has impacted thousands of lives.

Our founder Marilyn Newman, or "Mama Newman" as she is known in Kenya, went home to be with her Savior in 2020. The board of Helping Kenya Kids is continuing this work with the help of business leaders, individuals, churches, pastors and other great people all over the world.


Marilyn is fitted with a beautiful Maasai dress! A gift from the women at Osegel Hope Center.

2020 and beyond

Shortly after the passing of Mama Newman, Pastors Adam Grill and Bob Wielenga went to Kenya to visit the people in all the Hope Centers. Their mission was to share the good news that Mama Newman was home with her Savior and assure the Kenyans that her work would continue. 


Helping Kenya Kids exists to bring hope into some of the most rural communities in Kenya. All Hope Centers continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and provide communities with schools, clinics, churches, admin buildings, kitchens, and lunchrooms.

Today there are a total of 11 Hope Centers. Five Hope Centers that have reached the point of local sustainability.    An additional 6 Hope Centers are in various stages of growth.  Each of these began with a church being planted in a rural community and then have seen or are seeing the addition of a school, a well, and a medical clinic.   We also are growing french green beans for export on our 5-acre farm to help provide needed local funding for the Hope Centers. 

Let us share some AMAZING NEWS! Once a Hope Center is operating with a sustainable long term plan, local Kenyans are trained to take over the leadership of the Hope Center. Praise God, the AMAZING news is five Hope Centers today are 100% control of their Center! Helping Kenya Kids is no longer needed as these Centers have become self-sufficient and turned over to the local community to run. ! That allows us to move into new locations and open new Hope Centers!


We would love to partner with you, your organization, or your church. We would love to support you or your team in visiting the centers and investing in the lives of some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet